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iDirect is a satellite-based IP communications technology that enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in any environment. Undoubtedly, iDirect technology delivers quality broadband connectivity and is a key driver in evolving the VSAT market by helping customers optimize networks, reduce costs, differentiate service, enter into new markets, and grow revenue.

Every element – from hardware components to software features rooted in the iDirect Platform – shares a common growth approach based on performance, efficiency, flexibility, and functionality.

It is a fact that the iDirect technology continues to be used worldwide and is trusted to support the most essential IP applications. The technology behind iDirect enables customers to control highly flexible, scalable and cost-efficient networks; tailoring quality of service levels to their specific needs for voice, data and video transmissions.

In addition, the technology behind iDirect enables customers to operate on multiple satellites, transponders and topologies concurrently. The platform is designed and developed to optimize the transport of IP traffic over satellite.

Minimum Equipment requirements

For C Band Service:

1.8M C Band antenna , 5W BUC, iDirect X3 Modem, C Band PLL LNB, RG6 Cables and Connectors

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