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Teleport Africa VSAT Satellite Products

Seamless connectivity via cutting edge satellite technology, regardless of you business location

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VSAT Satellite Modems

We provide cost effective & turn key solutions to a wide range of VSAT Communication needs.

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Our Coverage VSAT

Teleport Africa VSAT Communication Systems covers even the most isolated corners of the globe.

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Teleport Africa Download Center

Search Teleport Africa knowledge base and download relevant documents by category or VSAT solution needed .

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Teleport Africa Limited

Teleport Africa Ltd is a leading global VSAT service provider to emerging markets.

VSAT Africa Teleport Africa Ltd is a leading global VSAT service provider to emerging markets. We offer solutions via satellite systems in over 18 countries of Africa. Our focus is on global connectivity services for customers that include current telecom ISPs, cellular operators, global and local enterprises, government entities, Military, Marine, and NGOs amongst many others.

We believe in providing quality VSAT services to all our clients, by giving them affordable packages with attractive rates and offers, coupled with personalized and expert service. Teleport Africa was established in 2006 as an Information Technology services company and has grown to be known for its innovative approach; with an emphasis on customers’ local and regional requirements.

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Latest News

iDirect Evolution x3 services

Space Engineering Ltd is now offering iDirect Evolution x3 services on Nss-12 KU-band, giving fantastic coverage over Eastern Africa, DR Congo, Zambia and the Middle East including Yemen. It also partly covers Angola, Zimbabwe,Chad, Libya, Mozambique and Egypt. This is in addition to the Nss-12 C-band on X3 and T11 -Ku-band strongly covering Africa.

Advantages of iDirect Evolution x3

Space Engineering iDirect Evolution x3 services come with many advantages. The Hubs are located in the Netherlands with well backed up power and Internet back bone. Our Customers enjoy low latencies and better VOIP quality.

End User Tools Best Management Over Your Network

We have many tools in place visible to the end user to ensure you have the best management over your network. Additionally, we work very closely with Partners to deliver Quality services to the End user