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SCPC/ DVBS2 Internet and Data Links

Highly effective, the flexible and low-cost SCPC/DVB-S2 delivers Internet access over DVB-S2 standard platform. This solution consists of three main components: Forward Link Subsystem, Return Link Subsystem, and auxiliary added value capabilities. The DVB-S2/SCPC (DVB-S2 SCPC) is an excellent technology for satellite Internet connection with 100% guaranteed bandwidth The provision of a satellite internet has existed for many years. The new standard, DVB-S2, provides opportunities to improve the performance of IP networks via satellite.

DVB-S2/SCPC means that the technology used in the reception of DVB-S2 and the technology used in the show is SCPC bandwidth of this type of service is 100% guaranteed. the Internet services via DVB-S2 SCPC (DVB-S2/SCPC) satellite are perfect for a client who wishes to have a 100% bandwidth guarantee whose principal use is the Web, email and file transfers. VoIP will work well with the implementation of QoS rules, but it is recommended to take a DVB-S2/SCPC link if the use is 100% VoIP for the use of certain boxes compression is tricky. Highly sensitive to latency transactional applications work better with SCPC / SCPC link even if they work well with DVB-S2/SCPC link. Links running DVB-S2/SCPC (DVB-S2 SCPC) are more and more replacing SCPC / SCPC links as they offer the best quality / price ratio for Internet connections via satellite bandwidth 100% guaranteed.

Key Features

  • Forward (downstream) channel use the DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting) multiplex;
  • Return channel (upstream) works on the standard SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier);
  • Unlike SCPC/SCPC, this solution enables connectivity based on allocated bandwidth from a large pool of bandwidths;
  • Low-cost platform;
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy;
  • Easily upgradeable via remote configuration;
  • High QoS with customized SLA
  • The price of bandwidth is lower than traditional SCPC / SCPC services
  • excellent performance of the reception thanks to the many improvements made by the DVB-S2
  • greater link availability Ku-band in the rain through the ACM (Adaptive Coding Modulation) present in the DVB-S2

Minimum Equipment requirements

2.4M C Band antenna , 5W BUC, Comtech 570L Modem, C Band PLL LNB, RG11 Cables and Connectors

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