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Our Main Areas of Activity range from Installation and ground support of VSAT systems, point to point and meshed corporate networks and Internet provision we also cater for Internet provision. Our other range of services include:

  • VSAT internet solutions
  • Data communication solutions on fibre optic
  • Maintenance of VSAT Hub centres
  • IP integration and BGP maintenance
  • Point 2 Point data links
  • VoIP Solutions
  • IT consultancy

Teleport Africa Corporate Internet Solution

In just a few years, mission-critical data delivery has become a must for the business community. And yet terrestrial infrastructure lags far behind today's demands for reliable, high-speed communications. That means enterprises must commit to mission critical content delivery with high reliability and performance, saving time and money.

Teleport Africa Ltdunderstands that reliable connectivity is an integral and critical element of every customer's business. For this reason, Teleport AfricaLtd’s service concept relies on establishing a local presence with dedicated support in each of the countries to which it delivers its services. This strategy allows Teleport Africa Ltdto better understand its customers’ unique needs in each regional market, tailoring its solutions to their specific requirements and backing those solutions with rapid, high-priority support. Service Operation and Maintenance is carried out by Teleport AfricaLtd’s regional representatives, along with the company’s professional Operations and Engineering teams.

Teleport Africaoffers a significantly more cost effective, high speed approach to data communication using modern technologies. VSAT is a reliable, scalable and easy to deploy technology, which is suitable for corporate data networking for the delivery of Video, Audio and more importantly the mission critical data in areas where Fibre Optic is not present especially the remote areas.

With proven expertise as a data networking company, Teleport Africa understands the extent to which the corporate network supports the enterprise itself - and how to optimize both networks and their applications. With our shared service on VSAT iDirect platform, our customers will benefit from the cost effective reliable service at their offices.

Teleport Africa VSAT Solutions

Teleport Africa Ltd is a business partner with major Internet service and satellite carriers in the world, who provide quality connectivity via VSAT to the internet backbone.

Some of our services are;

For more service options please contact sales@teleportafrica.com

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