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As Teleport Africa Ltd, we are looking to increase our market presence by inviting interested parties to join us in offering our quality VSAT services across Africa. Existing partnership opportunities include the options of becoming a reseller or alternatively to be simply rewarded by referral. Our aim is to offer the experience and support Teleport Africa has accrued over its years in the Satellite service industry. We aim to offer the most attractive pricing and services in the market; whilst retaining the practical margins that have enabled the success of many of our partners.

If you have a mode to market in your own country and would like to discuss this or any other ideas that you have to develop our business, please complete the enquiry form or phone us on +254 733 179 999

Contact us now for reseller opportunities available in your area

Reseller Conditions

Basically what we require is that the reseller has ready customers who are willing to buy our products and services. The reseller will also need to follow necessary regulations in their country and sign a contract with Teleport Africa if we come to an agreement. Our reseller conditions are:

- A minimum of 5 sites in 60 days. BUT we always expect first payment within the first 24 hrs of activation, otherwise the service will be deactivated. This means that, once a new site comes up, we will expect a payment, as confirmation of commercialization, this is a standard in the satellite industry. Unfortunately we are not able to keep the site for long waiting for payment to pay the satellite space.

- However, after the reseller accumulates the links to minimum 5, we will then have a monthly account, where all new sites' billing will be pushed forward to the next months billing cycle, which is due on 5th of the service month. At this time, we will not require the reseller to pay any new site within 24 hours, but at the end of month together with the other running sites.